Issue#16 A short interlude

Acriv Channapatna, PLP Jumbo, Ratnamson Supreme

Issue 16 | 27 August 2023

This has been a slightly slow week from a fountain pens perspective for me - which is crazy given that for everyone else, it has been quite frenetic given that the DC show ended and we’re still seeing a lot of content from that, and the SF show is on this weekend.

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I’ve been busy at work…

Nevertheless, I have been hard-pressed to keep up with all the news. Today’s edition is a short one - I hope to be back up to a full-length one next week.

Hobonichi’s 2024 Techo lineup is out and you can order from their website very soon. In the meantime, their lineup is as tempting as ever! My current obsession is with this Tomitaro Makino design! If you are stateside, Yoseka Stationery has you covered.

FP Doodles

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Everyday FPness

This weekend we had the monthly fountain pen meetup in our city - always a fun time to meet up with fellow pen enthusiasts. Today was extra special since we had Diya, who makes pens under the Acriv brand with us. We had a lot of fun talking fountain pens, Acrivs plans for future products and Diya’s participation in the DC show.

I got my hands on an Acriv Channapatna pen in green. There are many special things about this pen. The pen is wholly made with parts made by Acriv. The pen is turned from ebonite produced in-house, and the nib is a titanium #6 also produced in-house. The pen is decorated with lacquer by an artisan from Channapatna, a town that is known for producing colourful wooden toys. The same organic dyes used for the wooden toys, and the same technique of colouring has been used on the pen as well.

A multi-coloured Channapatna pen from Acriv. The colour scheme is similar to the one used in many of the wooden toys the town is famous for.


We have been seeing some beautiful pieces from PLP Pens, and one of their most recent releases is the Jumbo. I got an opportunity to check them out a few weeks ago, but today had enough time to take pictures. It is a beautiful chunky pen that will definitely have you reaching for your wallet if you are a big pen aficionado.

A PLP Jumbo alongside a Ratnamson Supreme

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That’s all from me this week.

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